Sunday, October 31, 2010

Social Talk. Text 16

Тема: люди с ограниченными возможностями. Акт 1990 года в США.

- I'm back. People.
- Could you please speak quieter? Wendy. Diana fell asleep five minutes ago.
- What time is it Matt? Am I too late?
- I would say you could come back earlier from your friend.
- Who cares? Diana is already sleeping. And you still playing with your stupid toys. Big boy, I must say.
- How can you say that? Uncles Martin job is amazing.
- You know Matt, I didn't expect that he could manage twenty grands.
- Yeah. Me too. But now he has built that huge factory. I'm so proud of him. And guess what, Wendy. Today was an audition at the Uncles Martin facility.
- Oh no, he is looking for the victims again? Poor people. They have to paint these creepy small soldiers for the rest of theirs life.
- Not just paint my dear. People, who work there, have recreated famous battles of past wars. Could you imagine, that they use only wasted tires and a paint. And our daughter will be working there. She has passed an audition.
- No way Matt. I would rather give equal money to her each month, then she will work there. I don't want her to be deaf.
- Don't worry Wendy. She'll be working at the office, not at the manufacture itself. Down there work only deaf and dumb people. It's to loud for ordinary workers to stay there.
- Oh. Mammy, did dad already tell you? I'll be working at the factory. Can I?
- No Diana. Mammy won't allow you.
- Dad. You promised me.
- Let's talk tomorrow sweetheart. Your mom drank too mush chardonnay.