Thursday, October 21, 2010

Social Talk. Text 13

Тема: все еще вопросы...

Waiting for..

I can clearly see him. He's staying in front of some shop, named "Few Jewels" or "Fake Jewels". Can't see from the distance. But what is he looking there?
Why I've been so stupid. I must carry heavy artillery, but not this short range glass.
Will you finally enter the shop or not? Come on. I can't be sitting here forever.
Is he pulling the door? Where is my camera, I must take few shots.
Damn. I can't see anything behind his back.

Ten minutes later.
Can you stop windowing that shop? Make up your mind for god sake.
This is strange. Do I blink to slow? Where is he?

Too low zoom. I can't find him.
Does this camera have an extra zoom? What button is this? Yes it has.
Stop coming out, you Estonian equipment. That's ridiculous. Now I look like grounded Hubble.

But I've found him. He's in a shop. Will he buy something? Otherwise why is he still chating with the salesman.

Another ten minutes later.
What a small package he carry. But I guess it's more expensive in such stores, isn't it? Now, when he isn't there, I can ask salesman whatever I want. And just in a moment I was staying near him.

- Who was that man? What was he buying? Is it expensive or cheap? Can you say anything, or at least look at me?
But poor man couldn't say a word. He raised his hand, and pointed it on a door.
- There he is, lady. - shouted salesman.
Probably I was deaf, when I was questioning seller, and I haven't heard as the door opened.
Man in the doorway was very familiar to me. My tongue wouldn't obey me, and man in a doorway said.

- Honey. What are you doing here?