Sunday, October 24, 2010

Social Talk. Text 14

Тема: вопросы.. надеюсь это последний раз )

In previous social talk. Shortly.
She was spying on her husband, near the "Fake Jewels" shop. But because of her impatience, she was caught.

Revelation for revelation.

- Honey, what are you doing here?
Words were constantly splashing in my mind, but I wasn't able to find a matching one.
- Wait a sec hon. - I'm not going anywhere. A thought flashed in my head.

- Hi. I bought, some thing, at your store ten minutes ago, and I guess I missed receipt somewhere. Could you remember, if you gave it to me?

Such thing as a lost receipt was bothering me the least. What will I answer to his requests? What am I doing here? For what purpose do I need a pair of binoculars and a camera?
What a situation. But who must be ashamed?

Surrounding sounds were muted. For how long was I staying like that? I need to put myself together. Should I wait outside?
- Matt, I want some air.
- Sure sweet, go outside. I'll be in a minute. - He was calm. At least at first look.
Do I need to expect troubles or everything will settle? I don't know.
In just one minute he was nearby, looking at me with really strange look. It was like asking me the same question. Why are you here?

He started first.
- I suppose, you think that I have an affair. But I have no. It was supposed to be a surprise. For you and our little princess. But now it's only half surprise, isn't it?
- Stop blaming me. It's not I, who is always late from work. Anyone will doubt at such circumstances.
- And how long were you spying on me? A single day or a whole week?
- Wait a minute. What are you talking about? Matt. What surprise?
- I thought you had already got it. It's presents for double birthday celebration party.
- Are fake jewels is good gift? Don't make me laugh Matt.
- Fake, but very good fake, is for our young daughter. And for you I've got real ones.