Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Social Talk. Text 6

Тема: история страшилка. Безуспешная попытка рифмы.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - с детства с рифмой я дружу.

Very scary story.

At the very east, of the westernmost country was living young boy. That boy was sixteen and he had white, curly hair. There was nothing else he could standout. Just average citizen. But what is important to us, is that boy went to the shop someday. That walk was doomed.

And at the exact same day two thieves were planning their assault.

- Where should we hide? - Was thinking first of them out loud.
- I guess it will be better to hide there, - pointing some spot on map, said second thief, - behind that store. We can easily strike anybody from such dark lane.
- It's perfect place. - agreed first one. - Tonight we'll be there. Waiting for him. (victim)

Evil laugh behind the scene. Ha ha ha.

(short verse)
And now is time, to say goodbye
from boy named Charles to all his pals.
They striked at nine same day,
and pulled unconscious body
to the alley distant end.

But they were slow and dumb,
so boy, that must be laying tight,
ran on his way to save his own life.

P.S. Alternative ending. (poor Charlie)

They were so quick and pro,
that just in hour, that boy have lost
his kidney.