Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Social Talk. Text 9

Тема: Profession.

The story will be told in thoughts of some person.

Today I've finished my studying. I have a diploma in one hand and absolutely nothing in the other. Maybe I need to find a job? I think Tim was saying something about some Internet site, that helped him a lot to find a job.

So. What will I need? Let me think.. First of all, I'll need to power-up my laptop.. And.. Done.
Next, open browser and type http, find me a job please dot com. Press enter.

Oh. What a wonderful web site. Here it is. List of all possible professions. Bingo.
What's so long? Loading. Loading... Hah! Complete.
Professions in our data base.. mmhmh.. What? Ninety seven, twenty six. And ten! Almost one hundred thousand. No. That's not for me. Let's try category view. Oh no. There is plenty of them.

I'll better try "choose for you" button.
To find a matching job for you, short form must be filled. Ok. Next.
Ha! Questions. I like to answer questions.
Age - twenty-something. Height - five feet, and a half, weight... kgkmn.. Next, next, next.
Oh. My favorite. Yes or no questions. I'm so excited.

Big salary. Definitely yes. Danger, sure not, I'm not crazy. Relaxed work schedule, yes please. Big responsibility - no. Large office - yes of course. Eighty one question left. I don't want to answer silly questions any more. I bet I can repeat my trick from math exam. Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no..

Calculating job for you. I'm so excited. Again.
Calculation complete. You got one match.
Best profession for you is slacker.