Sunday, October 17, 2010

Social Talk. Text 11

Тема: написать 10 вопросов к любому тексту. Не вышло..

All characters and events in this story are entirely fictional. Any coincidences is accidental.

A questionfull story.

Will we got our answers or not. No one can tell by now.
But we have all night. Tonight, is answer night, so let it start.

L. Bella. Do you bring some mice tails?
B. Sure I do.
L. Good. Jasmine. Do you bring thermal water or regular water?
M. I've got plenty of regular, but just one bottle of thermal water.
L. Great. That's will help a lot. And what about you, James. Have you learnt spells for reading, or bring another dollar?
J. No, I've learned all spells for tonight. All twelve of them.
L. That's good. Cherry. What kind of tea have you got today? Green or black?
C. Wrong. But I can give you one more chance July. Can you prove us, that you are a real spiritualist?
L. Then I think it's coffee.
S. What a relief. You save the day.
L. Thanks Shon, and what did you bring for such occasion?
S. It's red-blindy grass root.
L. It's exactly what I was looking for. Arny. What do you have in that big basket?
A. Peanut-butter sandwiches of course. I'm little hungry.
L. And I suppose you have Egyptian black sand?
A. Don't worry. It's in my pocket.
L. Ok. Who has magic hemisphere?
K. I have it.
L. Great, Kim. And what about Ryan. Where he is? Has anybody seen him? Ah. He's always late. Well. Than we'll start without him.

L. Whose spirit we'll call tonight?
A. Let it be phantom of the Opera.

Everybody starts to call spirit. Suddenly, something white appeared in top of our round table. It's little girl. She is pale and almost transparent. She stops crying for a second, and starts to speak.
G. You have only one question. Mortals.

R. Why are you crying?
But ghost didn't answer, and vanished in one moment.