Sunday, October 10, 2010

Social Talk. Text 8. Ver 1.2

Тема: Мачо девушка.
Тема изначально показалась мне сильно протеворечивой, и уж точно не для 10 предложений сошал тока. Мой вариант настоящей дамы сердца.


- Hi pal. Let's go to the Bryan today. His parents aren't at home tonight. There'll be the party.
- Sorry, i can't. I'm going on the date within a few hours.
- Who is she? Do I know her?
- Do you remember that cute girl, "Little Witch", that I showed to you last time? At the FaceBook.
- Yeah, sure I do. She's got such look on hers avatar that you just can't forget.
- So do I. We were talking a whole week. She is so wonderful, fun, educated and all other things. We've got so much in common. I just can't get her out of my mind. So I invited her on a date.
- What did she answer?
- Hello. Are you listening to me? I'm dating her today. And I'm already late. I'll call you tomorrow.
- Just don't wear you glasses..
- Yeah. Thanks. Bye.

I hang the phone. He'll be listening more carefully tomorrow.

Next day I called Roy, as I promised.
- Wait. Don't tell anything. I'll be in ten minutes.
But in less than five, he was already ringing my doorbell.

- How it was? Do you kissed her? How she looks?
- It was perfect, and yes we kissed. Just a sec, I've got picture in my mobile.

- Hah. What a surprise. Both of you wear glasses.