Thursday, October 7, 2010

Social Talk. Text 7

Тема: Если бы у меня был 1$ миллион. Использовать отрицания и будущее время.

Almost real story.
Part 1. Perfect day.

It started from phone call at six a.m.. Yes, I slept, but just after that call - I was glowing. I got a job which I dreamt about. Next it was my boss. He called me to his office, in his usual manner.
- I want Ryan in my office. Right now! - his scream echoed from almost any surface in our small building. You can imagine my surprise when I found out that my earnings from now on will be doubled. Such luck followed me through all day. Finally I cracked.

Part 2. Coincidence.

It is possible for you to guess four numbers? If you somehow can do it, just try make it more complicated. Try to guess eight numbers. It's ain't so easy as four, but it's possible too. How many attempts did it take? I had only one attempt.

Part 3. Disbelieve.

I'm sitting in front of my TV, and still can't believe it. I just won one million dollars. Jackpot. One ticket with cost just above two dollars gives me whole million. It's impossible. Now I have only one thought in my mind. It's not possible. It can't be. I'm don't believe it. I must be sleeping, there are no such days in real life.
Next second insane scream shouted from my throat:
- I want to wake up!

Part 4. Guardian angel.

- I told you he wouldn't cope.
- And you were right.
- We must be wiser next time.
- Yep.