Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Social Talk. Text 12

Тема: и снова вопросы..

Party afterwords.

- It was quite interesting evening, wasn't it?
- I guess so.
- When that clown appeared, I almost made my pants wet. Were you scared?
- A little.
- Did you like flying puppies, or bear with cape, or snake on bicycle, or.. Ggg.. Never mind. What would it be?
- I liked first one.
- Why only I'm asking questions? Come on. Ask me something. Can you do it?
- I'll try. But what can I ask?
- You have variety of questions, but somehow you can't see it. You can ask whatever you like. For example:
1. What is the distance between green and dry?
2. How many apes do you need to fix a lamp?
3. It's isn't wasn't, or not?
- What a stupid questions. Can you be serious?
- Sure not, but I can pretend. Who can see the difference? Mm? Exactly. Nobody can. But he is not here.
- I'm so sick of you. Live me alone. You can do it, don't you? It's very easy. Just turn around, and go away. The more the best.
- I'll try. But..
- No excuses, just keep going.
- But will we meet again?
- I'm really hope we won't. Bye bye..