Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Social Talk. Text 15

Тема: жизнь - рутина? Проблема выбора.

- I have been so stupid. I just can't believe, I was spying on my own husband. And I must say you were so wrong Stephanie.
- I haven't said anything wrong Wendy. You always need to check your safety. Maybe he was dating someone? And now you know that isn't true.
- I guess you right. It's better that way. And besides, I filled my lack of emotions.
- And what next Wen? I have stretched you from your routine life just for a week. But I can't do it forever.
- I know.. I know. You have helped me a lot this time. And I appreciate what you did. Thank you.
- You welcome. But how you can stand it? I have never seen such boring life.
- Your right Stephanie. My husband has gone mad with this tiny war models he has. And I had got total misunderstanding with my daughter after she was ten. My life is awful.
- I have seen a lot of women in similar situations. And I have bad news for you darling. You'll have to leave him. Leave your husband.
- Sorry friend, but I'm not ready for change like that. I would rather live a couple of years with Matt. And then we will see. Who knows, maybe he'll change.