Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Social Talk. Text 10

Дословно тема была задана не была, но заключалась она в продолжении дискуссии, начатой еще на занятии.

Accepting your life.
By Ryan.

Answer to this lies beyond the most simple questions. And thus(=therefore) it more difficult to notice.
But we should be consistent.

Have you ever wondered what you want from life? I guess yes. But did you whether ever asked yourself what life wants from you? I bet you didn't.

The most common answer to "aim of life" is happiness.
Or it can be such variations as happiness through love, happiness through money, happiness through power or you can mix and match. But that's just common answers. And what we are really looking for is true happiness. How can you choose measure system for it, if it's completely different for everybody? As usually, answer lays in the question itself.

In very simple, short form, happiness equals = your demands divide / your possibilities. And from that point starts the most interesting part. What if you want more possibilities? Or, how I can achieve something, that I can't accomplish right now? Or even much more easier question. What profession would I need?

But I think you should handle it by now.