Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Social Talk. Text 17

Тема: люди с ограниченными возможностями. Могут ли они работать так-же как и остальные..

- Hey. Diana. Wait for me.
- Hello Charles. You can call me Di, as everybody does.
- I'll try. Di, I have heard, that you are working at factory or something. And that your employer is handicapped.
- Yes that's true. And by the way, I have earned enough money, to buy me an iPod.
- So lucky you are. Di.
- Don't think I'm bragging. I'm just trying to attract your attention.
- Never had that in my mind. But I want an iPod too.
- Then, I guess, you can get a job at my uncles facility. You can carry packages to the lorry. It's very useful job.
- No. Thanks. I'd better be sweeping streets. Eyes down. Seeing no one, hearing no one. Especially wounded or disabled people.
- There's no wounded. They are vets, almost all of them. And they are great people, I must say. So funny and resilient.
- Let's assume they are so great, but what about boxes? They must be heavy. And I'm only twelve.
- Don't be silly. Each box weights slightly more than a kilo. But it's not so simple to do in wheelchair.
- I guess it's make sense. And know what? Your uncle should be grateful for newcomers to you.
- He will, Charlie. He will.