Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Social Talk. Text 24

Тема: упражнения на работе.. для "айтишников".

There was no one in the building yet and I could sit as I wanted to, in pose which I was comfortable. One leg on another, or I could get up to the chair with both my legs, or just put them on the table. But some one is coming, and I had to sit still. Because there are safety rules that must be fulfilled. No doubt these rules can make some difference to your health. But who had never avoid it?

- Hello Ryan. - a co-worker said.
- Hello co-worker. - I replied.

A fresh new day just started. We are working all day, sitting firmly, barely moving. But if you take a closer look, you can notice some weird things are happening all the time.

Were has that guy from across the room gone? But next second he's on his place again. What is going on here? Some time later I was making coffee, and on my way back I, accidentally, saw that people in the nearby room, were shaking constantly each on ones own place. I stood still at once. Fascinating!

I've put a cup near one hand, and cookies near other, then put on my headphones, stretched in all possible directions, and go deeply in to my small world. Oxygen will run out in one hour..