Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Social Talk. Text 21

Тема: предметы в доме.. вышло маловато.

Doorbell starts to ring.
- Who is there? - Wendy asked.
- Police Ma'am. Have you called police?
- Yeah, sure, come in. We was robbed yesterday.
- Mom, what's going on?
- Diana, sweetheart, don't worry. We've lost few things due to some accident.
- Let me guess. It was a robbery. - Diana said. - Again.

- Oh no. This time all for real. There is no TV and no notebook either.
- Yeah, just like last time. What was it? Empty wardrobe, wasn't it? And guess what, officers..
- Diana please, don't.
- And we've found all clothes in the dryer. What a shame.
- We shall go. No crime here.
- Wait. I've lost money too, not only stuff.
- But you've got a new golden ring mother. I love you, but you really should consider about changing attitude towards your family.