Thursday, November 18, 2010

Social Talk. Text 22

Тема: real estate agent..

P2 - We'll never sell this house partner.
P1 - Relax. Partner. I have an idea. Isn't we the most successful pair of real estate agents?

Very next day, big bright posters were hung on every empty wall all over the neighborhood. And if you enjoy TV commercials, you'll probably find yourself in front of one of those posters. But the most important, is what each poster reads.

Attention! First time in the town. Almost castle by a price of a small flat. Hurry up. Real time tender will start tomorrow at noon. There were few pictures too. One with Dover castle, titled - "This large", and the second one with twelve square meters apartment and a matching title beneath it - "in cost like this".

It hadn't been a surprise, when huge crowd gathered at the destination.

P1 - Greetings to all who have come.. Hey. Come back you two. I haven't revealed the price yet. And I guess start price will be.. will be five bucks. You move.
In a moment crowd has blown with dozens of voices.
P1 - Look, partner, it's chain reaction with slight crowd pattern.
P1 - Yeah, you lady third in the second row.
- Hundred. And how many rooms does it have?
P1 - a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, an attic, a bedroom, a cellar and a living room. Almost twelve. Next one, you mister with pink doggy.
- A thousand. What about fridge size? Measuring in beer bottles.
P1 - Exactly seventy five single man rations, which include beer, chips and meat dumplings. Go on, next question please. Young couple with the guns and handcuffs.
- Trade is over. And you are going back to the hospital Napoleon brothers.
- This mean that almost burned house isn't for sale? - Fat man said.

P1 - Partner. I told you. We are good at sales business. We were on that close to sell it. Partner.
P2 - Yeah. But now we must invent new escape plan. Then burn a house, or find a burned one, like this was.
P1 - Don't worry, we'll figure out something.