Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Social Talk. Text 27

Тема: указание пути.

- Hello. Have you arrived already? I'm waiting near first platform. By the way, I didn't knew that your train is late.
- It doesn't. I'm already in here. Don't know exactly where, but here. I'm amazed how so little street can produce so much noise.
- Just don't panic. Where are you? Can you tell me how you managed to get there?
- Awesome. You can tell where I'm now, just from traffic noise.
- You wish. I just assumed that you are somewhere in the city. Can you tell me what is nearby?
- Nothing really. Oh. There are two stands with pancakes.
- This is not good. There are dozen of places with pancakes stands in Lugansk. Can you ask anybody? About your location.
- I'll try. But all of them are speaking foreign language.
- I bet you'll succeed.
- Ryan, I was told, that I'm standing right between Russia and Ukraine. How can that be truth? Did I take the wrong train?
- Relax. I know exactly where you are now. Go the bus stop near the pancakes stand. Take bus number 147 with letter "A" or "B", I don't remember which, but it doesn't matters. Then you can take a nap, if you find a seat, and in around twelve minutes you'll be at the last stop, where you'll have to go out.
- Understandable so far. Go on.
- When you are at the place, look around. On one of the highrises you should see a big sign of the real estate agency. That building is one you've been looking for. Just go around the parking lot, and you'll be exactly near the your destination. Read the signs carefully, and you'll remember what I've told you.