Sunday, November 21, 2010

Social Talk. Text 23

Тема: lifestyle..

I've been working on this job for whole my life. In fact, I'm interested in nothing, besides my work. And there is no one, who can reproach me. I don't really care, but it can be inspiring, when you know, you are not the only one, waking up early to make your way to the work. And yes, I'm a workaholic. This mean I'm working a little bit more than others, but still, I enjoy my life.

There is no better way to start the day, except drinking a cup or two of your favourite drink. Ice cold tea with small mint leaf, or tiny cup of espresso, it's up to you. And I can make them all. No matter what you'll choose.

But if it happens to be a night duty, it can be lonely, I can say. Tonight, however, there were few clients. First of them came around midnight, but to my request of order, he only shouted at me:
- Live me alone. I don't want anything.

I should be polite with customers, maybe he is waiting for someone. So I went back to my place. But even from that spot I can clearly see that the young man was pretty nervous about his expectation.

In just two minutes second man appeared in the door way. Maybe he wants coffee more then other one. But he ordered just an instant drink. It's not much, but still something. Why nobody orders an Irish cream, or a Mexican coffee, or my personal favourite Egyptian coffee. It makes no sense. Instant drinks aren't worse the pay.

Of coarse I have a patron, who always orders the best, but he remain unsatisfied with my drinks all the time. And if he ever throws cup at me, I'll kill him. But maybe because of that I'm at the repair factory right now. No one wants to be killed by a crazy robot.