Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Social Talk. Text 18

Text 18
Hi guys. I'm writing this letter from our new laptop.

Sorry that I haven't written for so long. I didn't have such possibility before. Where I'm now, there was no phone or internet, or even electricity. But yesterday we got special package. Not just with medicine and water, as usual, but with some other boxes too.

Strange, bright green box, with directions "Only to Peace Corps Members", contained mini solar power plant, laptop, bunch of CD's with soft, and satellite communication equipment. Yellow box contained building tools. And the smallest red box was filled with guides. Make it by yourself in ten days. Various kind of guides. Over hundred books, from "how to build a chair" to "building a village".

But the most important is notebook that was sent to us. Now I'm able to tell that I have stayed in Bolivia for the last year. There are four of us in a camp. We help this poor people to get clean water every day. And with such manuals, as we received, we can easily build simple water desalination system. Just from empty plastic bottles. Can you believe?

Thanks to Gates Foundation, now we can communicate with our families and other Peace Corps teams within whole world. Share useful information and knowledge, transmit our needs to region leader in more efficient way.

P.S. Say hello to the kids Matt.
Your brother Stanley.