Sunday, November 28, 2010

Social Talk. Text 26

Help from inside.

- Matt, it's boring in here. I want to go home already.
- Just two more days Wendy. And I'll take you home. You did right thing. I'm so proud of you.
- Yeah, but I'm bored. And this doctor won't stop till I.. damn, he is coming.
- Hello Matthew. I'm glad that you are here. We still need to run some tests, but now I can say it for sure. We have succeeded. And I've already sent documents, and I guess I'll get the Nobel Prize.
- Are you sure about results doctor?
- Ninety seven percent sure. Modified bacteria filled almost all the liver by now. They have done a great deal of job. And in two days your wife will have a clean liver. Just as new.
- And what will be after that? What if she drinks again?
- I'm still here. - Wendy said.
- Sorry my dear. But I really need to know. I worry about you. Diana wants her mother back. And Stephanie will have to accept you as you are, and without alcohol.
- Matt, as scientist I must warn you, there is slight possibility of failure, about one to billion. But I can assure you, that in next eighty years she won't have any wish of alcohol.
- What makes you so sure?
- I'm and my students were creating this new species for almost six years. We managed to force these modified organism to fix the liver cells, and so we've invented first, human friendly virus.
- A virus! What does this mean?