Sunday, November 14, 2010

Social Talk. Text 20

Тема: горжусь ли я своим домом..

- Hey wifee. How many bottles have you drunk both?
- Only one honey. Stephanie isn't thirsty today.
- And you are opening second one just in case, I suppose, aren't you?
- Exactly. I must go. We shouldn't make our guest wait.
- Your guest darling. And it's much better when you stay at her place rather then ours.

Wendy is joining her friend in the living room.

- You know Wendy, you've got such an amazing house.
- How can't I know? We've been furnishing this house for five years.
- And by whom were those paintings chosen?
- By my daughter of course. She've got this creative mind since she was born.
- Wen, I must tell she is doing it well. You place is so cozy. But your husband somehow manages to ruin it with he's stupid toys.
- It's better not to mention this at Matt's presence. He's got some kind of dislike of you.