Thursday, November 11, 2010

Social Talk. Text 19

Тема: интересные здания. Использовать вопросы.

- Dad. Can you read my report to the "Science fiction week" in my school?
- Sure I can. Send it to my email and I'll read it in the office.
- Already did. But promise me you'll read it till evening.

He did. And of course he had regretted it.

Oh no. It's already eight o'clock. Where is this letter? Shall I use search?
You have one unread letter from Diana.

Topic: Our place to live in fifty years.
By Diana Longster.

Where are we gonna live, when our planet becomes to small for us?
I've got a solution. But it aims to the future, not so far, but still not for nowadays.
Can I suppose that we'll have had gravity management system by that time?
If you can't give me such chance, then just imagine a Moon city, or Martian[марщан] village. It doesn't matter.

Initially you'll have small, but well placed, apartment. Do you like it?
It will be two meters long and the same wide. Height will be about three meters. Do you still like it?
This place will contain all staff from your current flat. All you need, is small switch, that will change gravity field direction.
Bed at one wall, freezer at the other one. And so on. I even have detailed plan, but this story is for another class..