Thursday, December 2, 2010

Social Talk. Text 28

Тема: президенты США

Generation next.

- Grandpa. Why did you call me?
- Sit down. I've got something to tell you. Would you like a drink?
- No. Maybe. I don't know. Just tell me, why am I here? You were so nervous on the phone. I cancelled all my meetings. And..
- That's good. We'll need whole day. I'd like to have more time, but I don't.
- A whole day? Are you serious?
- Yes. I have to pass my knowledge. Sit down, take your drink and try not to interrupt me.
- I'll give you a lot of information printed, but some part of the history must be passed by one to one conversation only. There is one fact about our family that you don't know. You'll find family tree in one of the books. There you can see that our generation started about seven centuries ago. And from that time till now, we always have a purpose. In fact very simple, but not always obvious purpose. To build a new world. A better one.

- Take this list. It will guide you in first month through my library.
- Grandpa, I don't understand. First book in the list is "Why we need to kill".
- Yeah. You are right. This one should be explained. As you know, easiest way to get rid of someone is to kill him. We killed a lot of politicians, but it was worth it. And when I tell "we", I mean someone in our family did it by himself, or just ordered another person to do it. You'll understand it. Let me give you an example.
Lincoln was indeed a great president, but he just did to much. But some things can't be undone, so we've decided to kill him. About Garfield and McKinley you'll read in the fifth chapter. As for Kennedy family, this story is just too long. It will be briefly narrated at the second half of the first book. There are several assassinations of foreign leaders described in the book also, but most of them fits just one line. Name and reason.

You should see yourself. You are pale, almost white as a snow. I guess you need a strong drink, before we continue. But you'll believe it eventually.