Thursday, December 23, 2010

Social Talk. Text 37

Our little helpers.

You are watching The First World Wide channel, which is in fact the last one, but never mind. If you are used to watching only old movies on your favorite channel, then we have a surprise for you. Today we have a news block! First time in ages you'll see news. Can you just imagine it? I'm so nervous. So let's start.

From the nineteen fortieth many nations had tried to reach the space. First it was all about bombing each other, but one scientist of that time had a dream. Dream of being space traveler. He had convinced his government to give him money to a space research program. But he certainly wouldn't be allowed to send humans to the space without running some tests first.

That was beginning of the space era. Back then people worked hard, to achieve their aim. And they had succeeded. First a dog was sent to the space, next were apes and then some worms with plants, which were trying to produce an air on a spacecraft. Finally, after so many tests, people were ready to go, or just weren't afraid anymore. Then one nation landed on the moon. And now I can tell you for sure. It was our biggest achievement in the space so far. Then someone had invented "the matrix", which was the only solution to avoid the war, and we felt down back to earth. Next centuries were pretty the same. And now, as you well know, whole eighty billions of people are living, or lying, in ten miles high skyscrapers. But if you're one of the forty five free people living outside the matrix, and if you are watching us right now, then listen.

Do you remember those apes, which were sent to space? They have returned. This morning they've sent me a notification from the orbit. "Stay calm. We are going to conquer you in one moment."