Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Social Talk. Text 36

The most forgotten zoo.

There is one place, which is well known to you, where anyone is welcome.

If you're a lizard or if you're a bear,
you can be placed in the sector eleven.
If you're a turtle or even a frog,
then you can choose any river you want.
If you're a whale or a dolphin, who knows,
maybe a shark or a squid.
Maybe a donkey, a goat or a horse,
it doesn't matter who you are to Lord.

But if you're a mammal, that came with fire,
then you should be careful with your one desire.
If you are a killer, then rest will strike back.
And if you like the garbage, you should listen to that.
The strongest of winds will became a large wave,
and hit you in the evening the very next day.

Conclusion will be one the shortest of all.
You shouldn't be pleased with all you have done.