Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Social Talk. Text 33

My law.

Animals have been living on the Earth since life had started, and we are no one compare to them. How many year we have lived? I mean Homo-sapience, not the smart apes. Human nature just doesn't allow us to stop. We are constantly evolving, readjusting ourself to situations, that we just made, and then we change environment in order to fit us, and so on.

But imagine our evolution in eyes of animals.

Lets assume that you have one or two beehives. And one day they have doubled. Now you have four hives, and you are happy with that. Next day they have doubled again. By the weekend you'll have about fifty beehives. What could be better, more hives means more honey. The next week is pretty the same. Except that some bees are forming small groups and attacking each other. Funny they are.

Now you at the second weekend evening. Sitting near your small friends houses, watching over them. And here it goes, what you would never expect. Sudden explosion, and a wave of the bees gushed out from your hives. In one minute whole planet was in chaos. But everywhere you are able to see one repeating pattern. Next second you'd probably be dead.

Those, who have slow evolving system, will die eventually, though they can live not one million years. But humanity, due to its natural ability to take new rules every day, will survive no matter what. Will survive to find one day, some one, who will be equal.