Thursday, December 9, 2010

Social Talk. Text 31


I had a dream recently. Very long, but bright and colorful dream I should say. I used to see black and white dreams only, but everything had changed since I've got in a car crash. I haven't got any injuries somehow, but despite of this, I've spent almost a year in a hospital, in a coma.

You are lucky man, usually people say. In fact I am. Not so many can say that they survived such crash. It's not so pleasant, being hit by a truck. I was in my car back then, though it didn't stop the truck.

But now I can take it. Doesn't matter what will happen, it'll pass. And so I live my ordinary life. Go to the work every day, sleep well, and so on. But it seems that each person in this world has started to avoid me. For some time it was difficult, but I'm getting used to it. Maybe that's because I can hear voices inside their heads?

The most clear voice I can hear in the evening, when I'm all alone in my room. Today the voice said: "If he doesn't wakeup in several month, we should pull the plug".
Am I still sleeping?