Sunday, December 5, 2010

Social Talk. Text 29

A plan.

- I'm glad you've invited me David.
- You are strong man, if you call me by name. Would you like some tea?
- Yes. Two sugar please.
- There are only six bushes of this tea, and I can't allow you to ruin a cup of tea with price of a small car just by adding sugar to it.
- Is it Dahongpao tea? Oh. I'm really flattered with such an honour. Please excuse me my mistake.
- Don't worry. The tea is great, and if you want, I can get half an ounce for you. But let's talk about business. Take this. It's draft plan of development of our planet for the next fifty years.
- The first. Financial crisis. In twenty oh eight (2008), twenty seventeen (2017), twenty thirty five (2035). I'm ok with that.
- You should read it first, then you may comment it.
- ugm. The second. Progressing hunger. The third. Spill out some oil in the ocean. The fourth. Create united government of the world. For what is that?
- I'll give all explanations later. But you can trust me. I've got a great experience in this matter.
- Well, we'll see. The fifth. Third world war. No. I object. We need no war in future. And I must be sure that Rockefeller family won't start the war again. Nobody needs another Hitler in the history.
- Then you can simply pay me with my possible profit Barak.