Sunday, December 12, 2010

Social Talk. Text 32

New land.

- Mary, I've decided. We are gonna live this place.
- Can I ask why?
- Smith Longster said, that a ship will be ready in two weeks, the ship to the new land Mary.
- You shouldn't listen to him. He won't survive the first winter.
- You are so wrong. He gave me his plan for the ten years in America. It's wonderful. And so we go with them, and this is my decision.
- I wonder, what so great he could invent, to force you to follow him?
- Listen, first of all, we will arrive in the spring, and go to the west immediately. He'll take some corn seeds, chickens and even two cows.
- Pieter, what are you saying? Will he rent a whole ship for that? I knew it. He is out of his mind.
- Yes he is. But he needs us. And my little business. In fact, we need each other. Because here both of us are no one.
- And what will change there? Will you sell more guns?
- Of coarse. That is main reason, why I'm so sure. There is no law, but the gun law so far. I guess we will need all our gunpowder. And I need to disassemble all machines.
- All you can think is your stupid machines. We will die without food there. And if you want to sell guns on the Wild West, you should think about harvest to. Never mind. I'll go the store by myself. We will need so much.
- Does that mean that we are going?