Thursday, December 16, 2010

Social Talk. Text 34

The last One.

Our planet is full of most extraordinary creatures. From worms to dolphins, from lizards to elephants.

Some species are estimated by thousands when there are only few of others. The most rare species are included in so called "Red List". But there is one animal, that must be in this list in first row. This is not only because of its color, which matches lists name, but also because of its quantity, that has remained. There is, and in fact always was, only one representative of this kind.

This isn't an ordinary animal. It was born from heart of the Osiris with piece of soul of the sun god Ra. This is a Phoenix, one of the ancient secret of the Earth. There are no exceptions. All nations, which are more then two thousand years old, have links to that bird in their legends. Like "Fire bird" in our fairy tales, or "Bennu" in Egypt or even a "Chinese Phoenix" in China.

What we know for sure, this bird is immortal. Once being dead, it's ignites and burns up to ashes. And shortly a small Phoenix chick will appear from that ash. Certainly it has a great deal of powers, magical powers most of people would say.

We live in a difficult time, and I guess Phoenix understand it. Last time it was seen in the sixteen century, near his ancestor grave. But crisis has come, and even such creature needs money. So Phoenix decided to play in the famous Harry Potter movie.