Sunday, January 9, 2011

Social Talk. Text 38

Your job.

Since graduation we are looking for a job. And while someone is looking for it just for making some money, others prefer jobs with moral satisfaction in first row. Even if it means less money.

If you have smart parents, you probably would choose your profession before university, but in most cases this isn't true. More then a half students don't know their future profession. Even after graduation. About half of the other half was told where they gonna work. And what we got? Only a quarter of all students make their own conscious choice. Such situation affects whole job circle. From employer to employee. This means that huge amount of people won't be at so called "ones place". And would you be strong enough to quit such job?

Or you can take your employer side. Whom you would prefer. Another man who is looking for some money? Or a person who is interested in developing part of your company?

I guess we should be more careful in our choices, because any choice can make difference to your whole life.