Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Social Talk. Text 39

True story of the Fillip Madakus.

Nowadays you can easily find facts about people, who needed help, and they receive it, receive it from animals. Like surfer, who were saved from a shark by the dolphins, or lost hunter, who was saved from a bear by bunch of ravens. Or you can simply think about a dog. This kind animals are friendly to almost all people, dog can even bring your morning newspaper, not to mention they are good guides to blind people. But some time ago dogs weren't so good friends to a man.

There is a legend about young man. who was running from battlefield to his own city with good news. They have won the battle. Name of this boy is irrelevant, but the legend told us that he ran twenty five miles just in two hours, to tell the news about victory, and then he died. He had ran a Marathon distance, which later become one of the Olympic competitions.

But true story was not so bright as we can see from the legend. If fact this boy was nobody. Battle commander didn't send him to tell the news, and he would even never think about use a man for such job. Instead he had a well trained dogs for such delivery. And at that same day he had used a dog, as usual, to tell about victory.

But it never reach its destination. Young hunter, named Fillip, just placed another fox trap, and turned back, when something was caught by his trap. A skinny dog was in the trap, still running, clutching piece of parchment in the teeth, looking straight ahead, though almost all its blood was on the ground near the trap.

After such offense from people, dogs became wild world wide. And only ten centuries later they had forgiven people for their crime.