Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Social Talk. Text 44

The rest.

From first clothes ever to modern fashion lays enormous gap. Main purpose of ancient clothed was to accumulate heat. But some time, after first skin or fur was used as clothes, whole meaning of wearing things had changed. World is always in constant change, and those who had understood it first, became more powerful then others. In that time it was almost no difference between the people. And clothes became such difference. Without it we are the same. At least at the first look..

Nowadays high tech clothes is becoming more popular. Because you can buy a coat with mp3 player, and a wireless hat with headphones, in addition to it. Or you can choose a nice looking gadgets to wear. For example a wristband which shows your heart beat, oxygen and sugar level in the blood. It will be funny to wear an ordinary jacket that will use solar energy to recharge your phone, won't it?

Your even can play a little game with new inventions. Write on piece of parer description of any device your would like to have, even if there is no such device yet, and don't use Internet to fill the list. And if you check your wish list on the Internet you will be surprised, that you haven't invent anything new.

As for the clothes it's main purpose was and always will be only warming with comfort. The rest is fashion.