Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Social Talk. Text 42


Who can predict doomsday? I guess no one can. But we are still trying to do so. Science fiction in one way and the real science in the other. But none of them are right. You can predict an invention of some think. Like a laser or a nuclear reaction. But you can not predict the future, because you are looking in it with your own thoughts in the mind, I mean subjectively. But in such case you can ask obvious question. What is doomsday? Or a judgment day or else.

In our mind we have strong image that doomsday, is an extinction of a human race. But in fact it can be almost anything. It can be like in science fiction: we will be conquered by angry aliens, or like in real science: ozone layer will disappear, or it can be the politicians way, or a church way or else. But it doesn't matter. You won't believe in any of this.

If I told you that our planet was controlled by a group of aliens, would you believe me? And even if I got some proof, you wont believe me. I'll show a photo of a space ship to you, and only reaction I can get is "this is photoshop". I'll show you a piece of magic, and you'll say "you can not fool me, I know this trick". But if you are out of ideas, what is the trick, or who is this person with green skin, or if you see a ghost, you'll just turn out in disbelieve. Even if that is true.

I guess we should give a chance, and try to believe.