Thursday, January 13, 2011

Social Talk. Text 40

Our golden age.

Our golden age has gone. We are living among the most rapidly dying species in whole universe. This is humanity. Who can save us, if we are inventing new ways to kill ourselfs on a daily basis. Something must be done.

Who will save us? You might ask yourself. But the answer is simple just as bite an elbow. The next generation is the only thing that can rescue us. But nowadays children are separated from each other by the wall of anger and misunderstanding. We need a hero, who can unite them, who will encourage children of the world to make it better one. But people can despair while will seek a man to fit the job. You can think too, but you know that I've already got one.

And I bet you know it too, but who could place it at such role even in his mind? Right. No one could. Yet this symbol can reunite whole world, and at the same time be free from choosing a side. This animal has a brave heart and a clear eye, an innocent soul and pure intentions. There is no other animal on earth that can match the mighty Kolobok. Our savior, who gives us strength to fight upcoming day.