Friday, March 29, 2013

Social Talk. Text 189.

Task: depict your product sales approach using seven stages of a sales process.

My headhunting agency is constantly developing, breaking through the boundaries of impossible, and to maintain constantly groving demand for professionals, we must have them at our hands. So today we're the ones who are in search. Pondering over depth of modern business I've got my new assistant to elaborate on seven stages of sales process with above mentioned requirements in mind. Next morning following profound data was in my mailbox.

1. Generating sales leads.
We should act like getting sales were our company's main goal, so I suggest to make a move towards main universities and private schools of top ten countries at least. Prospects are expected to be found among the middle and high rank teachers.

2. Setting an appointment.
Visit lectures for purposeful meeting, or look for a prospect in their favourite pubs for casual atmosphere

3. Qualifying the prospect.
Main criteria of a prospect relatively to our needs would be level of his classes. Things such as complexity of a particular study, number of previously graduated students who are involved in high science and other major figures listed in addition A to this letter should be taken into consideration. On the other hand we must confirm their verification of our intentions by letting the prospect peek at our price list for infiltration agents.

4. Making presentation.
Showing data on recent ten deals would be enough to encourage anybody to cooperate.

5. Handling objections.
Key to success at that point is to put our rules of engagement in front of any other. Anybody who has objections to what has been shown to them, should be eliminated from priority lists no matter what.

6. Closing the sale.
Having constructed the objections stage so craftily, I may say that closing the deal is not a problem at all.

7. Asking for referrals.
The most wise choice is to ignore all restrictions in making the wrong deal in favour of good referrals. We can hire janitor as our agent for certain data that he has access to. And as well as hiring a janitor, occasionally we might consider possibility of neglecting influence on the principal as a right one.

End of the letter.