Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Social Talk. Text 182.

Task: free topic.

Talking about business management structures, I cannot avoid mentioning some real examples of restrictions that could be applied to an average office worker nowadays.

Example number one. You can use only proved to be safe web pages. Which leads to dubious situations when you can use Google for search the topic you need, but can read nothing due to those limitations.

Example number two. You must be concentrated only on your current duties. Things such as repairing your laptop keyboard, changing light bulb in your cubicle or taking down the fire building engulfed with are not in your direct competence. Just ignore them.

Example number three. You may be forced to willingly collect stats on your working day. What software you have used the most, how long was your lunch, not to tell about when you have started to work and have you ever been working at all.

Example number five. Shadowing.. it's when your immediate manager is controlling your every step. Watching you making every single move. Suspiciously looking at you talking to colleague or using a phone.

Those are just rough estimation of a variety of situations you may find yourself one day. Just be cautious.

P.S. And with all those who're interested in where the hell is example number four, we will have our personal little chat.