Thursday, March 14, 2013

Social Talk. Text 183.

Task: 10 unorthodox ways to use a brick.

Brick a weapon, brick a wall,
brick a pillow and a ball.
Brick to think and brick to cry,
brick to use it in last try.
Brick is stiff, so use it well -
measure depth of deepest hell,
brick to save your fire heat,
brick to solve all people's needs.

That chant represents only eleven things that could be done to a reddish rectangular parallelepiped known as a brick, but talking about brick as a metaphor, I'd like to speculate about one assumption.. Assume that brick you're holding is not just brick, it's The Brick.

Pyramids are made from bricks, and they managed to survive through generations of people with few scratches on them, but were they just separate bricks, nobody would even give them a glimpse.

What could be done to my brick, you can ask yourself, to make it a lot more then it is? Easiest solution is to give it to some person that collects bricks and ask something in return for it instantly or in distant future.
The other option is that you can become that one man who collects bricks and builds pyramids from them.

In contemporary world brick is symbol of power. Virtual bricks, known as shares, are the essence of any corporation. You give them your brick and in return you receive a paper with statement that you will have got twice bricks you donated by the end of the year if you sign there and there.

It's up to you where to stick your brick.