Thursday, March 7, 2013

Social Talk. Text 180.

Task: Is it men's world?

Born a boy, yet not a man,
has whole life to try to tell:
is there difference in us?
Boy - a man, and boy - a guy.

Boy a sissy, I would say,
tend to be a common way these days.
Having thingy's not enough,
better check if you have guts.

Guts to make the right decision,
and respond for wrong one too.
Guts to say the words, and meant it,
guts to say that I love you.

And one day you'll be a man,
being even further from an end.
But right now obliged to do,
things that boy's just dreaming though.

Things which make you understand -
"man or woman" is not trend,
it is so that we're united,
and in any other way - just frightened.