Saturday, March 9, 2013

Social Talk. Text 181.

Task: which type of management, in your opinion, is better, soft one or strict one?

Being on position related to Personnel management in some sort of way, I must say that both approaches - pampering one and scaring one are equally correct, but one should be used only with one employer relying on his personal features, requests and so on.

There're a lot of people whose goal on your job is not to make this company flourish, because they don't recognise themselves as a part of it, but only to follow orders. Such kind of people can be decent employers, but only under strict supervision.

The rest, and I assume there is smaller number of those who fall into this category, are self driven specialists who compare ones fails and success with company ones, thus making himself responsible for company soaring times, as well as the downfalls. Can you imagine what kind of stress this person is putting himself into? Do you still think that he needs additional money motivation?

There's no one solution for worker management and I think the best way is to find approach to every single individual you work with.. Then both of you will work better and harder for the sake of your mutual goal.