Thursday, March 28, 2013

Social Talk. Text 188.

Task: imagine your friend's calling you and says that he cheated on his client a little bit, for his company advantage, but obvious loss of money on the clients side. What would you do?

As a friend I would ream him a little, and several minutes later I would say something like this:

What you did has no concern with your ethics or moral, it's just your job to run things well. Aren't you suppose to sell cars? Or have you forgotten about your direct duties? To make profit for your employeer. You are the last person who should be blamed for the ramifications.

I bet that woman had had dozens of options like yours, but only thanks to her laziness she had chosen that particular retailer that happened to be your workplace and have willingly accepted your democratic proposal. Or at least she thinks so.

After all people like her have been fostering bosses just like yours for generations, and if she cannot stop, then greedy retailers would swim in cash forever.