Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Social Talk. Text 179.

Task: Kids - plus or minus while seeking a job?

First of all I want to clarify - what kind of question this is? How should I, as a worker, say that my kids would influence my work? And how any employer can even assume such thing? Aren't we all human?

But that's just first impression, which is, frankly speaking, quite right. Think yourself, have you hired a man with a kid, would you threat him differently knowing that he has or has not wife and decent house in suburb. And having him not hired would you changed your opinion if you had realized that his daughter is marrying next month?

Anyway, I'd like to highlight positive aspects of hiring someone with kids, and in my opinion such people are both more persistent in decisions and positive in general. Which makes them ideal applicants for office worker.

As for the employers point of view, such workers prove to be more profitable. They try to do all duties in time to get bonuses and if they ask for a sick leave - be sure they mean it.

What really concerns me, is that such man or woman doesn't fit into risky offers. So it's up to you whom to employ.