Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Social Talk. Text 185.

Task: is it easier to be a team member or a team leader?

I cannot give specific answer as for what is easier, but I can tell for sure that being a team leader is much harder. You not only have bigger pile of work at your table which should be done quicker and better in comparison to ordinary worker, but also certain quantity of people who ought to be supervised by you.

But what ramifications should you feel if one day you're being promoted to a team leader? Lack of sleep in critical moments of development stages, higher risks of being dismissed in case something goes wrong and so on. Which leads us to a question whether it's really so necessary to be a team leader, making work a huge part of your life, when you can be just an employee whose job is to be at work in time, and keep up with the surrounding cubicles.

These dubious questions might dash though any mind thinking over cons and pros of an offer, but we all know that, beside obvious, such proposal will tell who you really are.. aspiring, valuable worker or just a work horse.