Friday, March 22, 2013

Social Talk. Text 187.

Task: make a poster. Romance at workplace awareness.

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Slides text:
1. (blank - intro speech)  Modern society has variety of rules to be applied to a mere worker, but one of the cruellest one is dates restrictions, most companies have. So..
2. beware (creepy silence)
3. of love (should be said in harsh manner)
4. brought to you by Ryan (calm and cosy voice)
5. (just frame)  Lets start from setting up some boundaries.
6. And another one.
7. Lets take for example a worker who works just fine, but might have been involved in some dating with a peer experience.
8. Bad worker. (fast and loud)
9. Now lets take another worker who's oblivious to any inklings of a heart.
10. That's a good worker. (calm, but sure voice)
11. You can tell by their look. The one is said, and that other is pretty happy. You see.
12. Lets put them into separate cubicles.
13. (heart shown)  What ramification can "lovey-dovey" actually cause?
14. (just lines)  There are only two ways.. and each of them is harmful to a company.
15. You got engaged, then kids, then you're late for work and evetually got yourself fired.
16. Or the other one - you split up and for months you're just useless decrepit piece of worker.
17. I hope this motivational poster would change your mind in this serious matter.