Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Social Talk. Text 190.

Task: is our life a sales cycle?

Whether it's sales cycle or any other fancy term, it could denote our life with equal meanings, making it seem like is has sense. But life itself, thanks to it's diversity, could be perceived as anything, including vicious sales cycle.

You're being conceived as a prospect, which was a lead to one couple some day. And this couple has been qualifying each other for a long time, handling objections and making marvellous presentations. But would it be possible without initial contact they had, that was appointed by the lead, in other words thanks to a friend who happened to be their referral.

I know you consider this explanation to be dubious, but here you are. New member of society. A prospect to your parents, a presentation for your fellows, an objection to your enemies and a closed sale to your future spouse.

Do you like that definition of a life by a sales cycle? I guess it's just another way to say that I'm alive.