Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Social Talk. Text 196.

Task: free topic about Earth day.

Earth day is known to be annual event of expression love towards our planet, day of showing intentions, day of thinking ahead, day of many words. John Jay Junior always remembered this day as a happy, joyful one, with a little tint of madness.

Year after year things have been happening on that day. Three J, as many of his friends used to call him, knew that not a single logical explanation could be applied to his fate, thus making himself believe it was just a mischievous guardian angels playing tricks on him.

First year, when it all started, Junior was chosen to be representative of his own town in the state kindergarten contest. Next year was claimed of beating a boy in the school and was transferred to a seedy school nearby. Another year it was broken leg or student grant, totalled car or big jackpot.

Sad and happy John has been, on a sunny day of April every single year in spring.

Having found bad and good, Jay found out that his striped life has come to an end. On this day, two years before, he met a girl, one year later married her, and right now, three in a row, he's expecting family to grow.