Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Social Talk. Text 199.

Task: 10 things you would be proud to have been fired for.

Taking this question seriously, I'd say that nobody wants to be fired for something that he or she has done, but using rather fun approach, I'd add that if one is willing to quit, it could be done in a manner of a game.

Attention. Do not try this at home or work. All described bellow is fiction and haven't been used in real life.

Lets start with water coller. Nowadays you can easily buy a gallon or two of pure spirit, dilute a little bit and fill water coller with it. Should be fun to watch how your colleagues drink glass of fresh, cold "water". I wonder.. if there someone who wouldn't show any sign that something is not right?

Then proceed to the next level of your mischief. Unplug mouse from every single PC, write a love message from random worker and place it on your bosses table, if possible, sneak out some phone and change names in address book, from boss to lover, from laundry to dirty and so on, be creative.

That's just a little list of things you can do while quitting that, to some extend, could be applied to any workplace or school. Take care and be careful with coffee machine.