Thursday, April 25, 2013

Social Talk. Text 197.

Task: heated argument between person and a table.

Take me up and take me down,
then just do it all around.
There's no time for you to blow it.
I'm heavy and I know it.

You're wooden freak, shut up and go,
to Mary Louise on six floor.
She's been expecting you today,
a sturdy kitchen table, as they say.

I'm on my way, don't hurry me,
my knees are bended, silly me.
You need to push me in the back,
or carry my whole body as backpack.

You're wooden table, stomp yourself.
And your whole body, as you said,
weights more then human being,
so do your steps and don't be mean.

Two hours later, me and him,
were on six floor and ting-a-ling.
Young lady opened, said she's Kate,
and Mary lives in building A.