Thursday, February 10, 2011

Social Talk. Text 51

Me and my pet.

I've decided, today we'll go for a walk. Just strolling, and maybe some shopping. It was about ten when I woke up. It was nice, shiny day, perfect for two things: a little stroll and a lot of shopping. So as I said, I've decided to go out.

As always I took a light shower and even lighter breakfast. I was supposed to feed my lovely pet, but she isn't hungry today, she didn't even touch the food. So, I took my little pink purse and my pet's strap, and we were ready to go.

We visit some boutiques at the thoroughfare, and it was far after noon, when we felt slight hunger. I noticed a nice looking coffee house not far from us, and next second we were sitting there, drinking fresh French coffee with small piece of cake. People were staring at us, and my first thought was: "Is my makeup ok?". It could be only makeup, because my T-Shirt from Dior was perfectly new, and my Levi's jeans were so nice, it just can't be them.

My second thought was: "It's because of my pet." I looked at her. At first sight it was all right, but next moment I realized that she is eating the cake with a fork. It's disgusting, who is using a fork? There is no such dog in a world.

Next second Wendy woke up her daughter.

- Diana what's wrong? You were screaming.
- Sorry mammy, it was a nightmare. I was dreaming that I was a pet. And my owner was some fashionable doggy. It was awful, mom I don't want a dog any more. - said Diana Longster.