Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Social Talk. Text 50


I used to wear clothes from high dressmaker, in measure of our town of course. It was design to reflect my own ambitions, my lifestyle and designers view of the fashion at that particular moment. He was the first genuine brand in my life. Later there were others, by this closes were my first true style.

It was so nice to wear a hat that no one has, or to be in a pants which was embroidered with words "rock star" at the back. There were enormous diversity of patches, embroideries or labels to choose from. I could ask for replacing one patch with the other without any restriction. I even could remember how I was boasting in front of my friends with a new pair of jeans, that I just received.

It was wonderful time. That tailor sew not only for me, but he didn't become pret-o-porte. Sometimes he carried his wonderful suits to the some shop. But this item didn't stay there for a long time. People liked his dresses, and they even demand for more. But he was real "Haute couture", and didn't bother himself to fulfill those requests.

Later I left that town, but sometimes I go there just to visit him once more. Just to visit my dad.