Thursday, February 3, 2011

Social Talk. Text 48

Something to follow.

We are prisoners, and this is a fact. It's our way of evolving and we cannot do anything with it. First of all we are trapped in out own hesitations, and if in some point of your life, you don't know what to do, you are following someones else decision. This is not so bad, because ancient tribes used to move from one habitat to another just by following the strongest decision. And if you can provide such decision, anyone will follow you.

And as for jeans, I guess we are enslaved by them. Nowadays it's modern to take care of your health. But why no one is concerned by a fact that jeans can seriously damage your and your children's health. Especially if you're a man. Well known that in some cases jeans can act as diaper does.

Denim accumulates to much heat under the pants, and it can be unnoticed till certain day, but it still influences you. That's why diapers are prohibited to all modern moms if they want they children to be healthy. Same thing with jeans, but we are following the fashion no matter what, like women, who mostly wear high heels instead of comfort. But in other hand it can be real step forward, who knows. Maybe without such steps we would be as smart as modern apes.